Janine and Shane in the Yukon
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ― Lao Tzu

Live More Explore is about Activity, Discovery & Community

Live More Explore is the passion project of Shane and Janine Keller. It is a lifestyle blog created out of the desire to switch gears and pursue a more balanced, active and fulfilling life.

We love to travel, learn, try and discover new things, challenge ourselves, grow personally, live well, be active and connect with nature and inspiring people. Our mission is living our best life and encouraging others to do the same.


We will be exploring a variety of adventures and wish to share our journey and invite you to join in!

Inspiration, More


“Seek out the places where you come alive, the people that support your truth, and the pursuits that awaken your soul.” Have you ever experienced a feeling at some point in your life, where you felt truly alive? A moment…

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Food, Preparedness

Everyday Nutristore

Nutristore is a manufacturer of premium quality freeze dried foods for emergency preparedness. They produce a wide variety of foods including fruits and veggies, meat and dairy, herbs and spices, grains and instant snacks. All of their products are designed…

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