Nutristore is a manufacturer of premium quality freeze dried foods for emergency preparedness. They produce a wide variety of foods including fruits and veggies, meat and dairy, herbs and spices, grains and instant snacks. All of their products are designed for long-term storage with an impressive shelf life of 10-30 years. They have also been specifically prepared and packaged to preserve their maximum nutritional value.

We recently picked up a couple Nutristore products from our exclusive local dealer, In Case Of, to test out and review. After using the products over the course of several weeks, we determined they are not only a great product to have on hand in the event of an emergency, but they are also great for everyday use as well.

Benefits of using Nutristore every day:

  1. Save Time – All Nutristore products are already on hand in your pantry, washed, chopped, and ready to go within minutes of rehydrating; cutting down on trips to the store and prep time.
  2. Zero Waste – Let’s be honest. How many times have you stocked your fridge with fresh produce and good intentions only to have half of it wilted or going bad a week later? Even with my militant menu planning and food prep practices, I still end up sending a shameful amount of food into the compost. Since the shelf life of Nutristore’s products are still between 6 months to a year even after they are opened, it would be impossible to have it go bad on you before you could use it up.
  3. Energy Efficient – These dehydrated foods are ready to be eaten in minutes. There are no long cook times needed to simmer your beans, boil your potatoes, braise your meats or reduce your broth, saving on your electricity or gas bill.
  4. Space Saving – Do you find you are always dealing with a cluttered fridge and freezer? Nutristore foods are stored on your shelf at room temp, even after they are opened, freeing up valuable space in your fridge and freezer for other foods.

Arrow You can order Nutristore Dehydrated products online from Briden Solutions.

Camera Icon Photo by Shane Keller.