“Seek out the places where you come alive, the people that support your truth, and the pursuits that awaken your soul.”

Have you ever experienced a feeling at some point in your life, where you felt truly alive? A moment so rich and pure, when your heart felt so open you thought it might burst? Perhaps it was witnessing your child being born, the raw power of nature, the artistry of a symphony playing in perfect harmony, or the grace of people helping one another in a disaster. Whatever the event, there is a feeling there – a palpable, evident and unmistakable shift in your being. Some may call it a miracle, I call it an awakening.

Try to recall all those moments in your life where you felt truly alive. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? Is there a common thread that connects all those moments? If so, you’ve found your sweet spot! This is your Happy Place. It’s where you feel most connected to your Source.

Living consciously connected to your source means living with intention, purpose and fulfillment. Magic starts to happen and wonderful things unfold. It is the secret ingredient for life.

For me, my happy place is by the ocean. Something about the power, majesty and mystery of these giant bodies of water just makes my soul come alive. For every moment of awakening in my life, the ocean has been the backdrop to all of those experiences.

Each time I’ve visited an ocean, every location I’ve been to, there is a distinct feel or mood. The ocean really has its own energy, or personality, and it’s always changing. Even when I used to live by the beach and visit the ocean every day, it was somehow different and yet the same each day. Just like catching up with a long time friend. The spirit of the ocean speaks to me and it’s been a great source of inspiration and catalyst for change throughout my life.

So go forward, boldly. Explore, discover and grow. Seize the day and unapologetically pursue your own Awakening, whatever that looks like for you. Do the things you love. Spend time with the people and places that make you feel your best. Set your soul free!