Janine IV

Living a life of inspiration and adventure requires having the energy to do so. Momentum doesn’t come easily if you are stressed or burnt out. This would accurately describe my current state after several consecutive months of stressful events, including the passing of several family members, a flood, a move, a renovation and the passing of a pet. Life can throw you some difficult challenges at times and it can feel like an impossible battle getting through it if you let yourself get run down.

Luckily I have an excellent network of support including my husband, family and friends and healthcare providers. Having this support is so important for maintaining perspective and a positive outlook. But even when surrounded by support, it is still up to you to take care of your own wellbeing. At the end of the day, no one can really do it for you. You have to choose to eat a healthy meal, get out for some exercise or know when to call it a day and get some extra rest. I admit I had a few days I felt so tired and depleted it was work just getting out of bed to face the day.

I also imagine I am not alone in this either. As technology speeds up our lives, cost of living increases, the economy shifts, jobs become more competitive and we spend less time in nature and with the people in our lives that matter the most, it’s really easy to feel chronically stressed and become exhausted. Even with a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, if you are living in a chronic state of stress, your body will burn through your nutrients faster than you can replenish them through food alone. Becoming nutrient deficient is a recipe for illness in the body. You just can’t function properly from a place of deficiency, and if left unchecked for too long, it is bound to result in an illness of some sort.

My health practitioner discovered I was nutrient deficient, even though I take great care in preparing fresh homemade meals every day. I noticed I was having difficulty with my memory, articulating my thoughts, and struggling with my creative projects. Clearly, the drain had caught up to my brain. She suggested I try a Vitamin IV treatment, or what’s known as a Meyers Cocktail.

The treatment was simple enough. A naturopathic doctor went through my intake form to go over my health history and help me select an IV treatment for my needs, at the cost of $150. I sat down in a comfortable reclining chair, the doctor set up the IV and then I was able to absorb the 250ml IV in about 40 minutes. The flow rate can be adjusted depending on your level of comfort, your body’s hydration and size of your veins. Initially, I felt a bit of pressure and slight pain, but once the doctor adjusted the drip it was painless.

After the treatment, I got a hearty and hydrating lunch of bone broth noodle soup and headed home for bed. Persons who are quite depleted often experience a side effect of needing rest after a treatment or having a very deep sleep at night and waking to feel quite refreshed and reenergized. I didn’t experience any unusual energy boost the following day; however, I am still at a deficit and in need of a few more treatments to get my levels up. I expect to have more noticeable results after a couple more. The following day, I had some slight visible bruising and a small bump at the sight of the injection but it wasn’t at all sore. The bruising took about 5 days to fully clear up, but other than that there was no downtime or recovery time needed. I found out at my following treatment that the bruising was a result of not pressing down on the injection site for long enough when the needle was removed. So if you don’t want a bruise, follow the doctor’s orders and press down on that little cotton ball for longer than you think you will need to. Taking a few extra minutes is better than a week with an ugly bruise!

IV Vitamin Therapy can help with a wide variety of health challenges; detoxing, anti-aging, mental health, suppressed immune function, digestive disorders, asthma, viruses, eyesight, weight loss, cancer and chelation therapy, tissue recovery from surgeries, cardiovascular, jet lag and more. Nutrition really is the foundation of good health so this treatment makes sense as a first step to addressing any health concern. For me the cost is also justified; when I take into account the thousands of dollars spent over the years on vitamins and supplements that my body wasn’t able to properly process and absorb.

Taking charge of my health is Step 1 in changing up my lifestyle. The success of my mission depends on having the energy, mental clarity and physical strength to take on new challenges, make good decisions and take action. Self-care is essential in this process.