Well there is a place for that North of 60.

The Northwest Territories is a vast and very unique place in Canada’s North. It is a place filled with long memories, pure silence, extreme weather, the Aurora Borealis, Ptarmigans, Muskox, ancient culture, fascinating stories, and spectacular geography like nothing you have experienced before. It is like being on another planet – far away from the reaches of the rest of the earth. And, let me tell you, that feels amazing.

Once you experience the NORTH, it will stay somewhere deep in your soul as it has for many others who have been there long before me and will be there long after I am gone.

When I lived UP THERE, the Northwest Territories captured my imagination. I discovered there is a wisdom in those wide open spaces. And in the spaces, there are only moments of truth. There are no distractions – only the silence and the self. And that was all I needed.

When I took this photo of the gorgeous sunset flowing across Yellowknife Bay at 3:12pm on January 2, 2012, I recall the feeling of complete peace, as if the frigid winds blowing off of Great Slave Lake were cleansing my spirit.

The NWT is a special place. Just ask @spectacularnwt.

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